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We all know the tag line.  We trust the tag line because we trust the name.  And we trust the name because the work is always good.  You probably know the work is good, but maybe you didn’t know the work was good because AAMCO has a system to qualify all their franchise owners to make sure they are top professionals in their industry.

But what most people don’t know about AAMCO (at least in my neck of the woods, the East Bay Area of California), is that AAMCO does a whole lot more than just work on transmissions.  They are a complete car car care service center, specializing in every aspect of the car: auto repair, collision repair and transmission repairs.  And the theory goes:

“The transmission is the most complicated and complex part on the entire car – not the engine.  So if people can trust us with the most complicated part of the car – which they can – then surely they can trust us with the rest of the car – which they can.” 

– (Paraphrasing) Derek Tinder

AAMCO of Walnut Creek, CA, owned and operated by Derek Tinder and Steven Phillips, publishes free tips, help guides, services information and special promotions at their CityScoop website.  You can visit their CityScoop site by clicking the link below:

Auto Repair Shop in Walnut Creek, CA