By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer

Reliable Receptionist is an answering services company located in Walnut Creek, CA that helps small businesses to handle incoming calls, contact information data entry and appointment setting.  Using thier own high-tech proprietary software they are able them to seamlessly connect live calls in real time using live attendants.  To the caller it appears as if you have an in-house receptionist in your office taking the calls for you.

Thier highly skilled staff is trained by you to be able to answer calls on behalf of your company.  This helps to streamline your business and create a very efficient call handling and data entry solution.  Plus, it makes you look bigger as a company, and more professional if you don’t have the resources to employ a full time receptionist.

In the Bay Area, California, full-time receptionist services can start at around $30,000.  Reliable Receptionist can deliver essentially the same services for around 10% of the cost of a full time employee and you don’t have all the taxes and benefits expenses either.

With plans that start at around $150, Reliable Receptionist appears to be re-shapping the entire model of highly trained and highly personalized phone answering services.  No longer do you need someone in house waiting for the phone to ring.  You can outsource it, and nobody will ever know…

Unless you tell them of course.

You can visit their CityScoop website where they publish cost cutting tips and information about their service at the link below:

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