By John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer


Picture yourself on a tropical island in the Caribbean with a million dollar view surrounded by MILLIOINAIRES.  Having trouble?  Here’s a picture:



Not many people have even been to the Caribbean let alone been on a trip where you’re surrounded by some of the world’s top financial minds.  But PJ Van Hulle has, and she has a great story about how she birthed her most recent idea, the 2009 Prosperity Summit.  Basically she got to spend a week with some of the leading financial trainers in the world.  Have you heard of Bill Walsh?


The Prosperity Summit is a 4 day conference that is designed to teach people how to become financially empowered. 

Learn about some of the ways to generate income and become financially free.  Learn about investment strategies and techniques that will enable you to leverage your money and energy instead of just your time.  If you could have a new job that paid you less money but every year you would have to work one month less to make the same money, would you switch jobs?  If you are the type of person that knows the value of freeing up your time so you can make more money then this is the conference you need to attend.

Real Prosperity Inc publishes free tips and information about financial education as well as their seminars and conferences at their CityScoop website.  You can visit that page by clicking the link below.

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