John Kitts, CityScoop Staff Writer



Snap, twist, click, POP!

Most people think of these types of noises when they think about a chiropractor.  But I learned from Dr. Dan Weymouth that is not necessarily the case…

So in chiropractics there are a few different styles, or techniques, or modalities if you will.  One such way to practice chiropractics is with twists and cracks of the back to try and reset alignment.  But it is also a very physical type of chiropractics and can often not be good for the patient at all.

Case example, my friend Susan Schott.  Susan had an accident years ago and had been experiencing a tremendous amount of pain.  She had tried different doctors but the problem she kept running into was that because of her injuries she was unable to find someone who could help her and that wasn’t causing more pain in the process.  I had heard Susan’s story but it wasn’t until I was in Doctor Dan’s office that I saw a picture with a testimonial from Susan thanking the Doc did I realize Dr Dan was the man to fix her problem.

He explained to me the technique he used to help Susan, where he used a device called an activator.  This device allows Dr Dan to manipulate small tiny bones independently and without any pain.  The activator sends a quick little shot of force out via a small arm or rod and in a few sessions he was able to maneuver her alignment back to a pain free state without having to…

Snap, twist, click, or POP!

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