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September 15, 2020

Berkeley, CA – BMW A3 Power Steering Problems? Seek Local Auto Repair Services

Posted in: Industry News

BMW A3 Power Steering

Facing the following power steering problems? Seek a local auto repair service.

Driving around with a power steering can be fun, especially if you are finicky about speed and performance, but you need to realize that power steering problems are a common reality. Not only are these problems annoying but they are also downright dangerous for you. Moreover, without a hydraulic system, turning the wheel might be pretty difficult.

If you notice these common power steering problems, then you must seek a local auto repair service immediately.

Fluid LossPower Steering

A fluid leak is one of the most common problems associated with a power steering system. The pressure of this system is very high. When this high pressure comes into contact with softer connections, it makes the system more prone to leaks. The lack of fluid can affect the steering assistance, thus compromising the performance of the power steering. The moment you notice a big or small leak in the hose, the best thing you can do is replace the hose altogether to prevent any further problems. After the defective or broken hoses are replaced, make sure the system is topped up with high quality fluid. Not only will a high-quality fluid support and nourish the system, but it will also strengthen the seals.

Worn Out Pumps

Just like any other component of your automobile, with time, the power steering system also wears out. A worn out pump sometimes makes loud whining noises. When it does, the fluid pressure will be low, which will take its toll on the assistance it can provide while you try to turn the steering wheel. Diagnosing low or high pressure points isn’t easy for there are no high or low pressure ports. If there is any imbalance in pressure, the best thing you can do is have the pump replaced by a professional.

Air Inside the System

Another problem with the power steering of your car is the presence of air inside its system. If the system has the right amount of fluid in it, the air can still find its way in through the leaks within the low pressure line or the line that connects the reservoir and the pump that is present within the remote reservoir system.

Clog in the Pump

The most difficult problem to diagnose in your power steering system is a clog. It is hard to find the clog due to the lack of pressure ports within the power steering system. Dirty power steering systems are one of the primary reasons behind clogs, and they can be removed by flushing the system thoroughly.

These were some common power steering problems. If you are searching for the best auto repair services in Berkeley, CA, to get rid of these issues, feel free to visit our website today.

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