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June 14, 2021

Danville, CA – We Have the Best Custom Trex Deck Installers in the East Bay Area

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Trex Deck

Have you been hearing a lot about Trex decks lately and considering them for your own house? Are you willing to learn more about them? If you are, we have the best Trex deck installers for you in the East Bay Area.

Trex is a trending composite material these days and is famous for helping create high-quality indoor and outdoor decks. It’s a high-performance decking material composed of 95% of other recycled materials. The rest includes sawdust, reacquired wood, and recycled plastic derivatives like packaging wraps used for paper towels and toilet paper, newspaper bags, grocery, dry cleaners, and shopping bags. This composite material is high in demand, especially for decks, due to its eco-friendly nature. At the same time, some people also claim it to be a better, more reliable material for decks than traditional wood.

If you’re willing to get Trex decks for your house and commercial space, we’ve got some of the best custom Trex deck installers in town. In this blog we have listed some important information about Trex decks that you should know about before jumping on to this promising investment:

Trex Decking- An Excellent Alternative For Wood

Here is why you should drop the idea of carrying on with traditional wood for decking:

  • Choosing wooden decks for your outdoor spaces makes it an exhausting experience overall.
  • Traditional wood demands a lot of maintenance labor that includes sealing, painting on a regular basis. This might be a deal-breaker for people leading busy lives and prefer on-the-go options.
  • In extension to the above, natural wood is highly susceptible to issues like splintering, rotting, splitting, and other kinds of degradation that can get highly hazardous for you and your loved ones.
  • All the issues mentioned above will cause you stress and cost you extra time, money, and physical labor for restoration, cleaning, repairs, and even replacements.
  • Furthermore, if pests like termites make their way to your natural wood decks, they’ll cause mind-boggling structural damage, leaving your decks for no good.

After looking at the hassle of using natural wood for your deck, here’s why you should switch to Trex composite decking:

  • Trex decks are an extremely eco-friendly option and release you of the guilt of damaging the environment. They are made of 95% recycled material, and so, they’re good for our earth.
  • In addition to the above, by choosing Trex decks, you can play your part in saving up to 400 million pounds of wood and plastic from landfills annually.
  • Trex decks will be made ready for your use whenever you need them.
  • Considering the stressful hassles that come with natural wood decks, Trex composite decks are totally hassle-free.
  • With nothing more than a bit of touch with soap and water, Trex composite decks will last you and will continue to look outstanding for up to 25 years, and that is a guarantee.
  • If you want the look and feel of natural wood, exceptional quality, and guaranteed durability, there is no better option for you than going for Trex composite decks and choosing an experienced builder for it.

Contact Metamorphosis Construction for more information and the best Trex deck installation services in town.

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