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Pleasant Hill, CA – Common Gas Furnace Repair Issues: Cleaning Dirty Ductwork

When the cold weather rolls in, you may feel so inclined to start running heat by switching on your gas furnace. That’s all good and fine, but you might be left wondering how well it will work after a long warm season where the equipment was left idle 24-7. Immediately, you notice an odd odor. This is normal, as the system likely has accumulated some…

Walnut Creek, CA – Types of Heating Systems Installed by Our Technicians

Maybe you’re building a new construction and you need a qualified contractor like the pros at Cozy Conditions to install a brand-new heating system for the space. Or perhaps you’re retrofitting new equipment into an existing space and ditching the old, tired heating system that was inefficient and on its way out. Whatever your needs, you will be pleased t…

Antioch, CA – Searching for a Heater Repair Company in the East Bay Area?

Homeowners know that owning a home is a never-ending battle against anything that can go wrong, because it will go wrong. That’s the saying, after all. Even the most recent constructions, turnkey properties, and other seemingly low maintenance options present unforeseen circumstances that require us to get real professionals in for quick and comprehensiv…

Pleasant Hill, CA – Comparing Central Air vs. Ductless AC Systems at A/C Company

There is a difference It is unknown to you at; first, there are different AC options. It is not until a technician comes to your house and explains the different systems and what makes them special you are hit with the decision of which one works best with your residence. The main two systems available to most people are the central air and ductless ac sys…

Concord, CA – Reviewing Our Air Conditioner Replacement Services | HVAC News

We are at a different time. Heatwaves and winter storms are only getting longer and occurring more frequently. It is putting a tremendous strain on AC units and making replacing them a more crucial practice. It is never fun replacing a unit because there always remains the strain of surviving without a unit, whether for a day or two. Units have always need…

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