Are you looking for another way to generate income? Would you like to help grow a fast-growing business and get paid residual income for helping build what has the potential to become one of the biggest companies in the world?   If you are, please continue reading.

There are no long-term commitments, no quotas, and no requirements for you to do anything. But, if you help spread the word, businesses will be happy that you showed them such a powerful and affordable service, and you will get paid every month as long as they continue to subscribe.  True residual income.


We sell a service that costs $150 a month to subscribe, which guarantees small business owners first page rankings on the search engines in their local market.  Out of the $150, CityScoop gets $100, you get $40, and your sponsor gets $10 (if you were sponsored), every month as long as the subscription is not cancelled. 

What makes CityScoop so special is we offer a guarantee for organic first page search engine rankings – something that is hard to find, especially at this price point.  If you are able to get in contact with business owners who are looking for more business, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting them interested in our service.  It’s tremendously valuable to be able to grow a business on such a small advertising budget.  Some subscribers are generating over 60 leads a month for $150.  And some subscribers have been subscribing for over 10 years and say they will never cancel their subscription. 


  • Business Owners
  • Franchise Owners
  • Corporate Franchise Entities
  • Organizations & Groups
  • Web Designers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • SEO Companies
  • Business Consultants



Our goal is to have over 100 business owners in every United States city. 

But our vision is to change the way people get their news, and to make it more trustworthy.  

We can accomplish this starting with our new revenue model – local business owners contribute content to our news feed in exchange for a flat fee ( $150 a month), and as many leads and as much traffic as they can generate. 

Instead of just a handful of people at the top of a wealthy news publication controlling the narrative, we want to balance the power by giving voices to thousands of business owners across the United States through our platform. The narrative can’t be bent as easily if there are more voices and more accountability with business owners contributing to our news feed that rely on credibility and public opinion often for their livelihood.

With this new revenue model (Advertisers = Content Producers) we can hire full time journalists and blog writers to publish about the local news in every city, and we won’t need to monetize it with Ad banners throughout the website.

Our vision is to be the first national newspaper with no Ads.

And 12 we think that’s pretty cool.


In order to achieve our goal, we will need some help.  That’s where our affiliates come in, along with our resellers and franchise partners.  The best way to get help is to share the pie, and we have a great offer that is hard to beat.  We are offering true residual income on any account you generate.  You can make money every month for the work you did just once.  

COMPENSATION – You get paid a $200 commission upon signup, deposited into your account within 3 business days.  In month 2 you start getting $40 a month of residual income for the life of the subscription.  If someone cancels, you stop receiving income from that account.  If the subscriber signs up again at a later date, they have to sign up through you in order to receive residual income for that subscriber again.  Some subscribers have been subscribing to this service for over 10 years.

  • 1 Account
  • 5 Accounts
  • 20 Accounts
  • 100 Accounts
  • 500 Accounts
  • $200 in month 1, then $40 every month
  • $1,000 in Commissions, $200 in Residuals
  • $4,000 in Commissions, $800 in Residuals
  • $20,000 in Commissions, $4,000 in Residuals
  • $100,000 in Commissions, $20,000 in Residuals

RECRUITMENT – This is not a multi-level marketing company.  But you can recruit people into our affiliate program and receive overrides on every subscription they sell.  You only receive overrides on subscriptions from affiliates you recruited yourself. 

OVERRIDES – You get $10 a month per subscription for every person you recruit into the affiliate program.  If your recruit sells 50 subscriptions, you get $500 in overrides every month.  If you recruit 10 affiliates who each sell 50 subscriptions, you get $5,000/mo in overrides.

SALES SUPPORT & TRAININGIn the beginning, all you need to do is share the information and get someone interested enough to schedule a full presentation with one of our specialists. You get to listen in on the presentation, which is also recorded for your reference later, while the specialist does all the selling for you.  All you have to do is follow up with your prospect and make sure all of their questions are answered and see if they want to sign up.

Once you have the presentation down and are comfortable with explaining the service and how it all works, you can start doing presentations on your own.  You’re not required to use our Specialists for presentations, but it’s strongly encouraged for those that don’t have an extensive background in online marketing.

After you sign up one subscriber, we print and mail you a batch of business cards and brochures to help in your sales efforts.  (Optional)

Sound good?  The next step if you wish to apply is to click the link below and schedule your interview.

Thank you for your interest.