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Understanding the Seasonal Stresses on Your Home’s Foundation | PIERMAN Oklahoma

Your home's foundation is subjected to various stresses throughout the year, and understanding these seasonal influences is crucial for helping maintain its integrity in the process. In this article, we will explore just how your home's foundation experiences stress and identify the specific stressors associated with each season. In addition, we will cover t…

Preparing Your Soil For Foundation Construction Or Repair | PIERMAN Northern TX

The type of soil beneath your home plays a crucial role when building a house or commercial facility in Texas. Texas is known for its expansive clay-based soils that tend to swell and contract based on moisture levels. Whether you're constructing a slab or pier and beam foundation or repairing an existing one, understanding the soil type is essential. If…

Different Foundation Types And Their Characteristics | PIERMAN Foundation Repair

Having the proper foundation is essential before constructing any type of structure, whether it's a residential home or a commercial building. It needs to be strong and sturdy to support the weight of the walls and prevent water from entering lower-grade floors. However, every property is unique, with different bedrocks and soils that can impact the entire b…

A Leaning Chimney May Mean A Damaged Foundation | PIERMAN Foundation Piering

A leaning chimney is a common sign of foundation issues in a home. A chimney that appears to be tilting or leaning to one side may indicate that the foundation of the home has settled or shifted, causing the chimney to become unstable. This can pose a serious safety risk to the occupants of the home and should be addressed promptly by a professional foundati…

How Does Foundation Piering Work To Support My Home? | PIERMAN Foundation Repair

Foundation piering is a type of foundation repair service that is used to address issues caused by settling or sinking foundations. A foundation may settle or sink due to several factors, including changes in the soil's moisture levels or other environmental conditions that affect the soil's stability. When a foundation settles or sinks, it can cause vari…

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