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Winterizing Your Crawl Space Plumbing To Prevent Leaks | PIERMAN TX and OK

"Frozen Pipes" would be one such phrase that you would come across at the top of a listing of the most aggravating home repairs. Frozen pipes often lead to burst or broken pipes, which causes water leakage inside or under your house. This is also because the complications caused by burst or broken pipes can mean many consequences of water damage. These conse…

Should I Get Crawl Space Encapsulation? | PIERMAN Foundation Repair Oklahoma

While it's no secret that the air we breathe in our homes significantly impacts our health, it's not always easy to control. Numerous external factors can impact the overall air quality in your home, but none are more significant than a crawl space. A significant portion of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawl space. Imagine, then,…

What Causes Cupped Floorboards? | PIERMAN Foundation Repair | Ada, Oklahoma

"Cupping" refers to the natural reaction of a wood floor when it is exposed to moisture. After all, real wood, which warps when it absorbs water, is what both engineered and solid hardwood floors are made of. When moisture is present, the side of a wood floor plank closest to the moisture will expand when it is penetrated by the water. When a board's bord…

Downsides Of Damp Proofing Vs Waterproofing | PIERMAN Foundation Repair

You are probably uncertain about the differences between waterproofing and damp proofing if you are preparing to build a new home. Although you might not fully comprehend either on a technical level, you probably know that they are unquestionably required to maintain the integrity and durability of your home or building. Buildings have been damp proo…

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