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The 3 Most Common Types of Residential Foundations, Explained | PIERMAN TX & OK

Residential neighborhood homes are constructed around the country with one of three typical home foundations available. In other words, it is not often evident from the exterior of the house which foundation it might have been built upon, but what lies beneath will be composed of one of the three major constructions. Today we're going to provide a brief summ…

Crawl Space Encapsulation to Prevent Frozen Pipes | PIERMAN Foundation OK

"Frozen pipes" would be one among those phrases you would see at the top of a list of the Most Aggravating Home Repair Issues. This is because frozen pipes most often lead to burst or broken pipes. This is also because the complications of burst or broken pipes cause water to leak inside or underneath the home. In turn, even further damage occurs to the surr…

Crawl Space Insulation Repair and Replacement | PIERMAN Foundation Repair OK

If you are a homeowner with a house on a crawl space foundation, we recommend you invest in crawl space encapsulation! This effort (when completed by a team of professionals) can help increase the quality of life in your house and ability to reduce the amount of energy your house uses to stay warm. However, there are several factors that can damage…

Foundation Repair Evaluation You Can DIY From Home | PIERMAN Foundation Repair

Lots of families have lots of extra time on their hands these days. Why not spend some of that time evaluating the condition of your home's foundation for potential problems? Maybe you have noticed there were issues earlier on, like cracks appearing in the walls or doors sticking shut, but got so caught up in your busy schedule that they fell to the wayside.…

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