CityScoop is overjoyed to welcome Tahoe Runabout Co into our community of trusted local service providers. Anchored by over 25 years of specialized experience reviving and preserving Lake Tahoe’s iconic classic wooden boats, Tahoe Runabout Co restores cherished vessels to their former glory with unparalleled craftsmanship and care.

Founded by expert wooden boat restorer Brian Richards, Tahoe Runabout Co continues Brian’s lifelong passion caring for the classic boats gracing Lake Tahoe. Brian honed his mastery of woodworking and finishing techniques over a decade as foreman of Sierra Boat Company’s renowned restoration department, restoring and maintaining award-winning vintage boats. Now through Tahoe Runabout Co, Brian directs his immense expertise toward helping Lake Tahoe residents resurrect and preserve their own prized watercraft.

From total overhaul restorations to minor touch-ups, Tahoe Runabout Co provides a complete suite of services tailored to extend the life of cherished wooden boats. Offerings range from structural restorations and bottom replacements to cosmetic facelifts through repainting, revarnishing, conditioning and detailing. Tahoe Runabout also performs regular maintenance and inspections to get ahead of issues before they escalate. Their meticulous service philosophy combined with seasoned staff enables even boats thought to be beyond saving to once again gleam.

CityScoop visitors know refurbishing classic watercraft requires uncommon expertise. As living history, these antique boats demand specialized materials and methods to uphold their original glory and performance. Tahoe Runabout Co has the tools, space and experience to appropriately resurrect vulnerable wooden hulls, decks and accents based on each boat’s unique needs and characteristics. Whether a minor color refresh or fully replacing structural timbers, the Tahoe Runabout team handles jobs of all scales with the same devotion.

Beyond its technical prowess, Tahoe Runabout Co’s commitment to service sets it apart. From the initial consultation to launch day and long after, clients receive white glove treatment focused entirely on realizing their vision for the restored vessel. The whole Tahoe Runabout team shares Brian’s passion for these boats and personally invests in each project’s success. They welcome owners to visit and engage as much or little as desired during the process. This level of care and collaboration builds lasting relationships and referrals.

As our newest local trade contributor, Tahoe Runabout Co offers CityScoop audiences unmatched perspectives on properly maintaining and restoring antique Lake Tahoe boats to enjoy for generations. Tahoe Runabout’s portfolio showcases their remarkable transformations of boats other services deemed hopeless back to better-than-new condition. Trust your precious boat only to this crew steeped in tradition and equipped for today in their state-of-the-art restoration headquarters.

We enthusiastically welcome specialists Tahoe Runabout Co into the CityScoop fold. As you consider your plans this season to revive your classic wooden boat, ask yourself: Is my vessel ready to make the memories it deserves? Let Lake Tahoe’s premier wooden boat restoration pros at Tahoe Runabout Co give your boat new life with care and craftsmanship that honor its legacy. Contact them today to schedule your free in-person consultation and estimate.

Brian Richards
Tahoe Runabout Company
(720) 833-1361