San Marcos’ True Impact Signs is a welcome addition to CityScoop’s network of expert contributors. Owned and operated by signage specialists, True Impact brings a steadfast commitment to providing top-quality custom signs to businesses across San Diego County and South Orange County. As the company’s name suggests, True Impact isn’t content with producing just any outdoor sign, lobby display, or wall graphic. The goal with every project is to create signage solutions that truly reflect a business and make the maximum impact on its audience.

Whether a small startup seeking a bold store sign to kickstart its brand awareness or a large corporation outfitting multiple new locations with displays, True Impact Signs aims to be a one-stop custom sign provider. The company’s comprehensive signage capabilities include lobby signs, monument signs, vehicle graphics, wall graphics, directional signs, informational displays, storefront signs, banners, window graphics, and more. True Impact handles all aspects of the signage process as well, from the initial concept and design work to fabrication, printing, installation, permitting, and ongoing maintenance.

This dedication to managing projects from vision to final product is essential for crafting signage that perfectly complements a business while effectively promoting its brand and messaging. As True Impact puts it, the company strives to ensure “your vision is accurately translated into a sign that embodies your brand’s essence.” The in-house team works closely with clients to fully understand goals for the signs and create solutions tailored to achieve them. Signs also thoughtfully incorporate the surrounding visual elements of a location to form a cohesive look and feel.

Part of successfully bringing sign ideas to fruition is utilizing industry-leading technology, techniques, and materials that allow innovative designs yet withstand the test of time. All of True Impact’s sign solutions feature extremely durable, weather- and fade-resistant substrates and inks capable of maintaining their stunning visual presence for years. This quality material selection combined with meticulous fabrication gives businesses signage built to last through all types of exposure and endure high traffic areas. For extra peace of mind, True Impact also provides ongoing maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for installed signs.

Now joining CityScoop’s corps of experts, True Impact Signs brings an immense passion for producing signage as well as the technical know-how to transform spaces through top-notch displays. Businesses can rely on the company’s seasoned sign consultants to guide them toward eye-catching, impactful visuals that effectively promote brands to the right audiences. True Impact’s expansive design portfolio showcases the remarkable versatility to develop everything from modern dimensional logos to stately carved monument signs.

We warmly welcome True Impact Signs to the CityScoop community. As you evaluate your current signage or look to install new displays, ask yourself: Is my signage creating the maximum visual impact I desire?

Discover how proper signage strategy and execution can vastly amplify your marketing and completely refresh your brand image. Amplify your marketing and refresh your brand image by connecting with True Impact Signs today.

Ben McEachen
True Impact Signs
(619) 319-9191