common BMW 745 coolant leak

April 15, 2010

BMW 745 series has developed a common coolant leak coming from a water pipe seal located under the intake manifold. Cooland will start leaking from a hole in front of timing cover located next to water pump (passenger side).

Replacing this tube seal requires intensive labor time and parts which makes it an expensive repair between 7,000 to 9000 dollars and could take between 1 to 2 weeks to do it.

There is an aftermarket replacing part. which is a collapsible cooling pipe made of a good material and makes this repair much less expensive and can be done in one day.

I have post some pictures for you of our last coolant pipe repair.IMG00106-20100323-0954IMG00103-20100323-0950IMG00104-20100323-0950IMG00105-20100323-0951


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