SkullWelcome to Dr. Pamela D. Rogers’ CityScoop website.  I publish free information and tips all about relationship counseling including sex coaching, marriage counseling, sexual education and sex therapist alternatives.  I’m located in the San Francisco Bay Area and my office is in central San Francisco.  However, I offer over the phone sessions as well so I may be able to help you no matter where you live.  Give me a call today and mention CityScoop for a free 20 minute phone call and 25% off your first session.  You can visit my main website at

Here is a preview of my four-part video series on enhancing female sexual pleasure.  The full series can be found on my website under the “Resources” page.

Just as you pay attention to other aspects of your person, your sexuality is an important part of who you are. Time, inhibitions, stress and other things frequently make us neglect our sexual selves.

Sexologist and Psychologist Pamela Rogers offers people a welcoming and caring approach to sensitive sexual concerns. She specializes in sex coaching and education which looks to what the client needs and focuses on their future outcomes and results. Her process is action-oriented. It incorporates positive reinforcement, personalized sexuality information, re-framing of attitudes and beliefs, and behavioral training. Home play and experiential exercises are an important part of the process. Her mission is to create healthy sexual adults by providing a sex-positive and non-judgmental environment. She is your guide to overcoming sexual blocks in thinking, behaving or feeling to help you reach your true sexual potential.

Whether you prefer working with her individually, as a couple, or in a group learning situation, such as a bridal shower, support group, or formal workshop, Dr. Rogers can help you:

  • Learn new ways to expand your erotic experiences
  • Increase your sexual interest in your partner
  • Learn how to communicate and negotiate your sexual desires
  • Bring desire back to a long-term relationship
  • Improve your skills and comfort level for giving or receiving touch
  • Improve your skills in meeting or seducing potential partners
  • Improve your orgasmic or erectile abilities.

In addition, Dr. Rogers also offers teen sex education on communication and negotiation skills, contraception and safe sex practices, and making intelligent sexual choices.