Signage FAQs | When do I need a sign permit? How do I get a sign permit?

December 16, 2010

When do I need a Sign Permit?  Anytime you put up an outside sign – wall, monument, awning, etc.  They all need to be permitted.  And to be permitted, they need to pass the sign regulations for each city/county in which they are located.  Even temporary signs such as banners and seasonal signs need to be permitted.

Why are Permits required?  Here are a few reasons.

  • Signs can be a thing of beauty or the town’s worst eye sore.
  • Signs in the wrong place can hinder a driver’s view of oncoming traffic.
  • Aesthetic concerns – signs can only be so high or wide, uniformity, conformity, etc.
  • Brightness/change frequency of digital displays may be distracting or a nuisance.

How do I get a Sign Permit?  The city/county that issues the permit will be the same as the one who issues your Certificate of Occupancy.  They will have sign regulations and permit applications available for your review, typically including a packet of instructions and check-list for the process.  Or Signs & More can walk you through the process, providing the required drawings.  Or Signs & More can get the permit for you.

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