Vinyl lettering and logos create effective indoor business signs—Franklin, TN

January 26, 2011

Although using thin vinyl materials to create letters and shapes to be used for signage is a relatively “old” technology, this particular medium is still a very effective way to create lower-cost, good looking indoor business signs.

 Connection Central kiosk cut vinyl lettering and logo, 12-PointSignWorks, Franklin TN

“Cut vinyl” isn’t available in as many colors as can be printed with digital printing capabilities, but there are hundreds of colors and styles available (glossy, matte, permanent, removable, metallic, translucent, frosted, fluorescent, etc.) to enhance the simplest of yard signs as well as a vehicle wrap on an exotic sports car.

We have put together some examples of the use of vinyl lettering to create custom indoor business signs and invite you to review these.  Vinyl is certainly used in a broad spectrum of outdoor signs as well.

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Full color vinyl banners for outdoor advertising—Franklin, TN

January 6, 2011

What would outdoor advertising be without the ubiquitous vinyl banner?

Large format printing has made possible the rapid fabrication of full color graphics on gloss or matte, single or double sided vinyl banners.  Whether the message is for a “Grand Opening,” for “Under New Management,” or for promotion of a company’s new product or service, vinyl banners can be used in both indoor and outdoor advertising.

Vinyl banners are often hung from poles or grommets, but they can also be stretched across a frame to decorate the side of a building or of a box truck or trailer.

The requirements of some venues stipulate that banners must be flame resistant, and there are several vinyl banner products available that have the appropriate certifications to be used as such.

When used in a double-sided application, such as for pole banners, it is helpful to use a blockout banner material that has an extra layer in its construction to prevent light from passing through and mixing the images from the two sides.

Double sided outdoor vinyl pole banners 12-Point SignWorks Franklin TN

As a stage backdrop or as signs viewed under harsh lighting conditions, a vinyl banner featuring a matte finish is advisable to minize reflective glare that can reduce readability of the banner’s contents.

Full color backdrop stage vinyl banner 12-Point SignWorks Franklin TN

Vinyl banners can be used for both viewing up-close (such as for indoor POP or other eye-level viewing) and for viewing at long distances (such as on ball field fences or on billboards or building wraps).   The graphic design file and the large format printer settings can be adjusted to use lower resolution, faster printing conditions for long distance viewing or adjusted to high-resolution conditions for up-close viewing.

Full color vinyl banners are generally used in short-term, promotional outdoor advertising and are considered “temporary” signs under most municipalities’ sign ordinances.  As such, the use of vinyl banners for temporary (usually less than 30 days) typically does not require a sign permit.

Ballfield fence championship and sponsor vinyl banners 12-Point SignWorks Franklin TN

Consider vinyl banners as another means of promoting your company’s brand and message for both indoor signs and outdoor business signs.

12-Point SignWorks offers graphic design and large format printing services to help you create effective full color vinyl banners – whether you need one or hundreds.

Our expert design staff is ready to work with you to take your ideas and turn them into reality as custom large signs at affordable prices. Use us to print all of your posters, banners, custom wallpaper, window graphics, floor graphics and even tradeshow displays such as the retractable banners shown below.

Full color retractable banner displays and stands 12-Point SignWorks Franklin, TN

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